what ways can you heal your soul?

What ways can you heal your soul?

What exactly is soul loss ?

Have you ever experienced a sense of detachment, as if a part of yourself is missing?

It is possible that, due to trauma, disturbing events or deep grief,

a fragment of your soul has become detached.

This happens when a part of our being finds earthly existence too overwhelming and chooses to separate.


In moments of brokenness,

loss and heartbreak creates an opening within us,

creating space for our human selves and lives to connect with the depths of our souls.

What exactly is soul loss and what are the causes behind its occurrence?

Experiencing trauma and challenging situations can lead to a phenomenon known as soul loss,

where part of ourselves finds it unbearable to remain fully engaged and present in our earthly existence,

resulting in fragmented experiences.


Soul loss serves as a coping mechanism for the soul in response to traumatic events,

causing it to shut down and disconnect from the present moment.

This occurrence can be caused by different experiences and varies from person to person.

It is important to note that soul loss cannot only occur in our present life,

but also in past lives that our soul has gone through.


How does someone experience the feeling of losing their soul?

The feeling of soul loss can create a sense of detachment,

As if a fragment of yourself had left.

However, by setting the intention, it is possible to retrieve that missing piece of the soul. The fracture of the soul caused by karmic forces.


In moments of brokenness,

whether through personal loss or a broken heart,

a deep opening arises within us,

allowing our human self and soul to coexist.

However, there are cases where the depth of our loss reaches a karmic thread deeply embedded in our soul.

This event, which I call a karmic rupture of the soul (similar to a broken heart),

causes us to feel shattered, not only on a human level but also in our essence.

In these moments, rational thinking often eludes us.

The appropriate time to address karmic healing.


At that precise moment, a unique opportunity presents itself,

which offers the chance to address a karmic issue that has lingered in the depths of our souls for several lifetimes. These are the most challenging lessons,

the nights of the soul filled with darkness and terror.

However, if we choose to remain steadfast,

muster the courage to face our own shadows and embrace the inner winter that guides us,


we can achieve profound healing in our being.

The fragmented aspect of our soul is now adorned with a gilded thread, symbolising its restoration.


What are the ways to restore and heal a fragmented soul?

Soul loss is a common concern for shamans and medicine men,

who are adept at recalling all aspects of one's being.


In these times of great importance, it is crucial that we return every fragment of ourselves to our physical forms so that we can be fully present and involved in our existence.

As we recover these lost parts,

we not only regain our true selves,

but also embody our inherent strength and vitality.

This process opens up new possibilities in our lives,

allowing us to rediscover our authentic essence and once again experience a deep sense of wholeness.


To start the process of reclaiming each fragment of your inner being, recite the subsequent invocation aloud and repeat it three times.

For a deeper experience, consider performing this ritual daily for 108 days. As you light a candle, incorporate this invocation into your regular practice, and continue with it until it gives you a sense of fulfilment.


A powerful plea to recover a lost soul.


I call upon every aspect of my being to return to its rightful place within me.

I call upon every aspect of my being to return to its rightful place within me.

I call and gather all aspects of my being to return to their rightful place within me.

Gratitude fills my heart as I express my deep appreciation and the words

"thank you" repeated with the utmost sincerity.

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