The 5 feelings in relationships and love: which love feelings suit you?

The 5 feelings in relationships and love: which love feelings suit you?

The experience of opening up a world of possibilities is unparalleled.

Is it true to feel fully cherished on a daily basis? According to some, the answer is yes; however, only 50 per cent of people experience it occasionally or never. It is possible that you have become accustomed to accepting less than what you deserve, so you have overlooked this fact. This is understandable, because how can anyone truly feel loved if they have yet to discover their unique love language?

Love has a unique language for everyone. The way you receive love may not be the way your partner or friends express it to you. Discovering your own love language can open up a world of possibilities for you. Once you know what appeals to your heart, it becomes effortless to feed your soul with love and achieve true fulfilment. Are you ready to love yourself fully? Let's get started!

There is a unique moment in your life when you have felt loved like never before.

Discovering your "language of love" can be a journey. One way to start is by thinking about a moment in your life when you felt very loved. This moment could be a memory of someone else expressing love for you, or it could be a memory of a time when you were overflowing with love. Take a moment to fully visualise this memory, as the strong emotion of love tends to stay with us. As you reflect, think about the specific actions or words that were exchanged during this moment. What did you or the other person do that made you feel so loved? By observing these details, you can begin to discover the ways in which you experience and express love most strongly.

The 5 languages of feelings in love: which ones attract you the most?

We express our love in different ways. According to renowned American relationship therapist Gary Chapman, love has five universal languages. He wrote the bestseller "The five languages of love" on the subject.

We can express or feel our love when:

1. We spend time together, take care of each other and spend one-on-one time;

2. We give/get compliments and share good words;

3. We give/get gifts;

4. We are service-oriented, doing something for others;

5. We make physical contact, touching each other, hugging or having sex.

Experiencing all five languages of love is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. However, it is likely that two of the languages resonate with you on a deeper level. It is important to identify which languages these are because it allows you to focus your efforts on things that really matter. Taking care of yourself means being able to speak your own personal language of love and share it with those closest to you. There is no greater joy than knowing how to bring joy to your loved ones in the most direct way, be it a friend, partner or child.
To ensure that you get the best possible nutrition, it is imperative that you feed yourself optimally.

Let's go back to the moment when you felt an overwhelming sense of affection. What exactly happened in that moment? Which of the five aspects mentioned earlier appealed to you the most? Did someone embrace you or spend quality time with you? Were you gifted or complimented? Or did someone thoughtfully bring you a cup of tea without any prompting from you?

Chances are you have a preference for two specific love languages that resonate with you on a deeper level and tug directly at your heart.
Good job! You have now discovered your language of love and how best to feed yourself with it. In the end, love is the most crucial thing you can give yourself. When you feel loved, everything falls into place. It's time to make an important choice!

It often happens that we overlook the importance of taking time for ourselves and giving ourselves the love and care we deserve. We find that we are often caught up in the world around us as we react to the stimuli we encounter. Our environment includes our loved ones, acquaintances and colleagues, as well as digital platforms and television shows we are engaged with. It is possible that these entities demand more of our attention than we are comfortable with.

Fortunately, it is within your power to change your own actions. This starts with a choice: do you allow yourself to experience affection and allow it to flourish in your daily routine? If so, consciously create a time and place for it. Even seemingly insignificant and small actions can have a major impact on your feelings and how you perceive the world around you. For example, you may crave physical closeness while your partner craves emotional intimacy.

Experiencing love is a remarkable sensation. It is normal to long for those around you to experience it too. However, it is important to recognise that not everyone speaks the same love language. Just communicating in your own language is not enough to meet everyone's needs. Moreover, it is not a reasonable expectation to expect others to understand your language of love without clear communication.

Example: your love language is physical touch. So you keep touching and hugging your partner to show your love. But chances are he didn't feel the best love. Because cuddling is not enough if your partner needs mostly one-on-one time. Being together makes him feel fulfilled. So talk about how best to love and appreciate each other. By doing so, you can save a lot of energy. This is how you discover your partner's language

Teach yourself to recognise the love language spoken by the other person. It is simpler than it seems. You give others what you need yourself. That's why you can tell by someone's behaviour what their love language is. By watching how someone makes it clear that they love you, you can immediately see: they like that. Asking directly can also be done, of course. "When was the last time you felt that I loved you?" Discover what love is

To strengthen a relationship, it is important to communicate in the language that resonates with the other person. This could mean doing your best to speak their language and spend one-on-one time together, or performing acts of service, such as cooking for them. Another possibility is to offer physical touch, such as giving a massage, or expressing appreciation through kind words in a letter. It is also possible to empathise with the other person and give them a thoughtful gift that really suits their interests. Ultimately, the most delightful approach is to combine all five love languages, creating a playful and enjoyable dynamic.
Living in abundance can be considered a state of surplus vitality and richness in one's existence. It is the feeling of being fulfilled, satisfied and content with all that life has to offer. This state is achieved by discovering and embracing one's passions, establishing meaningful relationships and maintaining a positive outlook on life. It is a state where a person's cup overflows with joy, gratitude and determination, allowing them to live life to the fullest.

By speaking the language of love, you can quickly learn to love yourself. My sincere wish is that your heart is filled with the love that life offers you. It is important not to be distracted by distractions. Instead, make speaking your language of love an integral part of your life so that you can discover your true self. I firmly believe in abundance and that we all have the potential to become the best version of ourselves. Discover what abundance in love can mean in your life and what type of love will fulfil you.