Sranang Tarot cards


My name is Rachida Kacimi; your secret card readers, astrologers and psychics.

Because I have been to Suriname several times, I have observed that there are many cultures. some races are remixed. If you have dark parents, for example, you can come to light-coloured earth, everything has to do with your ancestry.I have assisted both , Winti s pray , I myself found that I had to go to a lookoeman once . that was quite an experience the spirit often talks to language when he was still alive Because of slavery there came some to ancestral spirits (kabra s)I myself found it very in interesting, have experienced that there is more between heaven and earth . I myself come from a light-coloured creole father of Moroccan descent and Dutch mother's ancestors of Javanese descent that is why I am light-coloured but inside I feel very connected to my roots where necessary I will always help people spiritually but sometimes I also do it in the area of money.Suriname I personally find it a very beautiful country and it has a beautiful culture,

let me bring back the culture and customs and beautiful colours in the cards

That's why I made these cards.

Nowadays, we all live together no matter what colour we are or what origin we have. Cultures and races are mixing again where we get very beautiful people in the world because of it Personally, I found

That there had to be a tarot card that is good for all of us. No matter what colour you are or what ethnicity you are. It goes back many generations as to why we have problems in life, why do I always fall for the same type, why does my partner always have the problems of running away, not daring to face the problems or fleeing to the parents or always to another man or woman, but everything comes from a piece of the past from our childhood because when you grow up you have to relive that again but it is also a piece of our ancestors and we carry that karma with us.

The above was over 20 years of my career, where I am practical who have become my regular clients became help with them complex and long-term problems. I am also the Sranang Tarot maker. currently occupied by clients mainly interested in Europe and Suriname. Of course I love delivering worldwide my service to people need this to learn specific skills. My late husband Remie Bart from Suriname and my daughter, Lindsay, Kacimi guarantee my love for Surinamese and Surinamese culture has increased significantly. my thanks and Appreciation is reflected in Colourful cards with a touch of Surinamese Heb. Day of Cultural History Sranang Tarot cards use.

Normal tarot cards start with 52 cards and then become 78 traditional tarot cards Looking for the origins of tarot, No one knows where or how tarot came from. The first refers to the tarot (or tarock) card game known in Europe records date back to the 13th century and are the oldest known Tarot cards date back to the 15th century.

Tarot was popular with people in the late Middle Ages. Coincidentally not only to predict the future, but mainly as just a card game. This game is also used in some regions of France Italy has played again. Here we know tarot mainly as an oracle card, a well-known card being the tarot Rider Waite. This appeared in December 1909. Since then, there are more than 200 tarot decks. This book is based on Sranang tarot cards. Sranang Tarot is a deck of 78 cards. It looks so much like the casual card game we all know. Putting down Tarot cards can be seen as a way of using Icon cards to better understand all aspects of your daily life in you in your life. If you want to understand the Tarot better, you can use it in the following ways: love, work, conscience, self-development with Sranang tarot. Cards you are guided by your guide (wintys)