How do I communicate with my apuku? 

How do I communicate with my apuku? 

The people which is a apuku Have table with drinks and things that are a apuku needed, you can see if there is also a piece of bus kandrahave .if not purchase a piece and burn that piece and you will find that your apuku will bring better messages. 

Dear members, 

There are methods how to keep the property or yard free of carpet snakes that will also prevent you from accidentally killing them. One of the ingredients used is katakama boeba . With a mixtures of other herbs can keep this snake at bay but the same mixture one can there for ensure that plants are better grow . Farmers affected by wisi through the inderjaal may suddenly find that all their land construction crops suddenly bear less fruit or do not grow well then this form of wisi. It is very common among our Hindu brothers and sisters where there is jealousy to land matters in the family

What is actually a apuku?

Apuku, a long African winti, is a spirit believed to possess women among Surinamese of African descent. Not present among Javanese and indigenous communities, the spirit has a predilection for women and can become a source of conflict in relationships. When a woman's partner is unfaithful, it can Apuku reveal the lover's whereabouts and even cause violent confrontations. However, if a man truly loves his wife, he can negotiate with the ghost to live together and avoid causing harm. Expulsion of Apuku is not possible, but peaceful cohabitation is feasible. To appease the ghost and prove his loyalty, he needs a white board, panjis, pimba and buy a bottle of brown beer, while affirming his love and loyalty. As Ingi states, there are several unattached women in Suriname who may be under the influence of Apuku stand. 

Those who have died remain an eternal part of your life. 

Human souls persist after death and remain on earth for up to 40 years before passing into angelic form. Believers believe that these souls have a final mission of retrieving the spirits of the dead(yorka) and accompany them to the afterlife. In a poignant display, the recently deceased often reach out to loved ones waiting for them. The presence of the departed is said to linger on, a comforting reassurance for the living. And for those who have led unfulfilled lives, reincarnation offers the chance to try again. These are the beliefs of Rachida Kacimi. Life works in a cycle, in which the past inevitably resurfaces. This resonates both in music and fashion. Surinamese youths illustrate this phenomenon with their street name memories, despite never having driven through them. Similarly, family resemblances are often noted, such as the resemblance of a newborn to a deceased relative. 


According to Rachida Kacimi the concept of reincarnation suggests that if a child's life is cut short, it is because they have unfinished business on earth before they ascend to an angelic state. According to the belief, all deceased individuals eventually become angels and serve as God's guardians, providing guidance and protection as guardian angels. Accepting events that 'have to' happen is crucial because they often happen for a reason. You need to refuel but that holds on, You must arrive on time. The possibility of being late can be frustrating and inconvenient. However, it is possible that your guides will protect you from an even worse fate.

It is assumed that the presence of the spirits already been with you since birth. 

Since birth, spirits remain in you and last forever, according to tradition. It is of utmost importance to treat them with respect as they reciprocate the gesture. Whispering, he informs that these spirits now surround us and observe everything. Therefore, he speaks reverently of them. He also adds that special drinks are loved by the wintis. 

Ampuku likes black beer and pimba (white earth) 

If you do not maintain a good mental state properly and ignore them, he will give you the symptoms of the disease. You will get the signal. They say, "I have been with you all day, what have you done for me?" We go to a pyaiman or shaman, a psychic (like Rachida Kacimi) I have great power within me and can also summon helping spirits, protect people or drive out evil spirits. Revelinio My colleagues can perform spell rituals, for example blowing out tobacco smoke to protect someone. To heal people, they use revelnio medicinal plants from the rainforest. He can smoke cigars if he wants. He often said, "They can only use power for positive purposes."