Tarot cards

Historical research indicates that the origins of the tarot game date back to the 15th century in northern Italy. This was achieved by expanding the existing deck of cards by adding four additional figure cards and twenty-two trump cards. Over the centuries, tarot cards have been used mainly for recreational purposes, including their use in games such as French tarot.

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Wie ben ik eigenlijk Beste leden, Vele mensen doen een luku of meerdere lukoes en toch weten ze niet wie ze zijn en wat ze hebben. Andere zijn jaren bezig… Read more

heightened sensitivity and intuition, you may find that you are susceptible to the wiles of a narcissus

Het is raadselachtig hoe je, ondanks je scherpe waarneming, de waarschuwingssignalen hebt. De verklaring is terug te voeren op je vormende jaren. Hoog gevoelige kinderen” hebben, net als andere kinderen, de neiging om te bedenken om de waarheid te ontwijken”,. Alleen door de verwarring en angst van de kindertijd te overwinnen, kun je manipulatieve communicatie, een schadelijke relaties herkennen en afwenden. Dit geldt met name als je bent opgegroeid in een gezin met narcistische neigingen.

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What happens when a butterfly crosses your path

Transformation is symbolised by the butterfly. For this magnificent creature to fly in different colours and sizes, it has to undergo a long process. This process begins with the tiny caterpillar, which eats as much greenery as possible. The next stage is that of the adult caterpillar, which can vary enormously in appearance, ranging from dull to stunningly beautiful colours.
The caterpillar undergoes a transformation process that only it can sense, nestling itself in a cocoon. This cocoon serves as the location for an intricate metamorphosis. Eventually, the newly discovered form in the cocoon perceives the moment when it is time to emerge. It breaks out of its cocoon, unfolds its wings and flies as a new creature, untouched by its previous form.

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